Darlene is a highly experienced HR professional, who is versatile enough to add a huge value to any organization she works with, whether a small startup or a large corporation. I have worked with her in various projects and roles.  She is a practically-minded self-starter who knows what needs to be done for your business. You quickly get the feeling, when working with her, whether doing recruiting or setting up benefits for employees, or any HR matter, that she has taken ownership and will ensure the best outcome for the company, employees, and its other stakeholders.” - Mark, CEO

"Darlene Fenn provided excellent value for her services. We contracted her to do 360 reviews of our management team and were very impressed with the results. Her ability to make people comfortable so they could express themselves and to give feedback to the team was superb. In addition, her career experience provided us with much broader perspective on the issues we face and led us to make a number of important business decisions about how we work together as a management team. I highly recommend her!" - Dennis, President

Darlene is particularly talented in melding all of the functions of Human Resources into a successful, collaborative workforce. In a high-growth, entreprenurial environment, she championed the best values and beliefs of a participative employment climate. Darlene combines the flexible, creative skills needed to grow a talented team with the structural and process knowledge that makes for a productive, efficient and enjoyable place to work.” - Bill, CFO

[Darlene] is a human resources professional who knows her business and pays careful attention to detail. This quality is increasingly important in today's rapidly changing legal/labor environment. She is knowledgeable, articulate and works well with her associates. More importantly, she is of unquestionable honesty and integrity which is refreshing and welcome in today's business environment.” - Don, Business Owner

Darlene is a talented and experienced HR / Administrative executive with a proven track record for delivering outstanding results ... [I] consider her a trusted confidant that would be one of the first people I would hire for any future ventures. She has in-depth knowledge of core and emerging HR issues and is relentless in putting in place all of the key requirements and associated processes and systems that are often overlooked in emerging growth companies ... [I] was always impressed by her ability to respond with a concise, well organized action plan even in the most stressful circumstances.” - Ben, VP

"[Darlene was able] to bring measured, reasoned and calm advice and leadership to guide our organization ... Darlene is able to apply her vast knowledge ... especially in the fields of labor relations, HR planning and employee relations... her expansive knowledge of HR rules, regulations and legislation, make her a truly valuable resource that can assist any organization seeking to either improve its overall HR management environment or deal with specific HR management challenges." - Ken, CEO/CTO