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Training is generally categorized into four basic groupings  -

  • Onboarding and new hire training - to get new hires acclimated to the company rules and regulations, culture, work environment, and company mission & vision.
  • Refresher and enhancement training - for existing employees to enhance their knowledge
  • Technology training - to learn new or updated equipment, software or work techniques
  • Promotion and career progression training - to expand one's knowledge and prepare for more and changing responsibilities resulting from higher level positions.


The most valuable assets of a 20th-century company were its production equipment. The most valuable asset of a 21st-century institution, whether business or nonbusiness, will be its knowledge workers and their productivity.” Peter Drucker - Management Challenges for the 21st Century - 1999


Employee training and development is a necessity to maintain a competitive edge in this knowledge economy.  Change often drives the need for training and development, just as training and development results in organizational or individual change.  Companies, small and large, that enable employees to reach their full potential through training and development will reap the rewards through  -


  • Employee engagement & company loyalty
  • Employee Retention
  • Improved attendance & morale
  • Increased productivity & overall job performance


COHR Consulting uses experiential techniques such as role-play, interactive games, and video clips to engage their audience and provide a more rounded approach to learning. Participants are given the opportunity to immediately apply their knowledge in situational simulations, build internal networks to share best practices and reinforce learned techniques, and develop a sense of belonging to build a more engaged workforce.


Even ethics and harassment prevention trainings, when given a positive spin like COHR Consulting has done, are actually opportunities to develop a more engaged workforce. Active participation through experiential learning gives you the benefit of developing your employees and, at the same time, minimizing potential risk.  The average discrimination case, if only to defend it, costs employers between $25,000 and $75,000. If a verdict is awarded in favor of the employee, the average cost increases to over $200,000, and some settlements reach upwards of $1 million. While it is impossible to totally eliminate risk to employers, proper training, policies and procedures, and employee development practices can significantly reduce this risk.   Through proper training, policies and development practices, it is estimated that businesses can expect to see a minimum 20% ROI.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

    • Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation, and Diversity in the workplace are not only legal issues, but ethical issues as well. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be lost due to unnecessary discrimination claims that could have been avoided had the proper training been provided to employees. Our training is designed to educate employees on acceptable workplace behaviors and actions, develop employees, and minimize a company's exposure to these unnecessary risks.   Additional information for Sexual Harassment Prevention.
  • Ethics 
    • Unethical behavior causes unnecessary stress, tension, absenteeism, and impacts the company's bottom line.  Our training is designed to modify potentially distorted thinking and false notions that set the foundation for unethical behavior and build a solid basis for ethical thinking and behavior that is aligned with the company's ethics policy going forward.
  • First Time Supervisor

    • Going from a peer to a supervisor should be an exciting time in an employee's growth.  Providing the essential skills and techniques - delegation, motivation, engagement, goal setting - for a successful transition is essential to ensure the new supervisor is set up for success.  Our training incorporates these essential skills and provides the new supervisor with situational learning to help develop an effective management style that can be immediately put into action. 
  • Communication

    • Communication comes in many forms - email, text, business letters, face-to-face, presentations, verbal and non-verbal.  Effective business communication skills are a must to ensure the message you are trying to convey is being accurately heard by all levels of staff and management.   
  • Executive Coaching

    • Providing one-on-one coaching allows busy executives to receive leadership development coaching at a time that is most convenient to the executive.   


  • Harassment Prevention Policies and Procedures

    • Solid harassment prevention policies and properly documented procedures will help minimize the risk of costly and unnecessary discrimination and retaliation claims.
  • Ethics Policies

    • Company specific ethics policies provide stakeholders with a written explanation of behaviors and expectations that hold both support staff and management accountable; provide a benchmark for employees to use for self evaluation; and strengthen business relationships.
  • Employee Handbooks

    • A handbook, when written properly, provides your employees with company specific guidelines & expectations, and provides legal protection for the company. Having well-written, detailed policies and procedures can eliminate, if not significantly reduce, workplace disparities that might otherwise take away from the productivity and ultimate success of the company.
  • Human Resources Management & Development

    • Human Resources Management and Development consulting offers you the ability to think through possible process implementations with an expert who can help guide you through "uncharted HR waters".
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Restructuring

    • In this fast-paced and ever changing economy, the possibility of a M & A or restructuring is very real.  There are many HR related items that should be considered before you take that next step. Whether you need assistance in the due diligence process, the integration process, or just need guidance on what to consider, we can provide the support you need to make the best choice for your company.