Darlene Fenn has been working in human resources for over 20 years.  She has worked with business owners and corporate executives to help them achieve company optimization through their human resources while minimizing risk.


Having worked in a variety of private sector industries from start up technology to construction, Darlene has developed a broad knowledge base in both human resources and strategic business management.   Her passion to help companies led her to start consulting in 2005.  It was through first-hand experiences witnessing trainings that did not captivate, engage, or provide relative information to the audience that inspired Darlene to incorporate an informative, interactive, customized training program that is the primary focus of her business today.   


Through proper training, policies and development practices, it is estimated that businesses can expect to see a minimum 20% ROI.  With degrees in both Accounting and Organizational Development, Darlene truly does understand what an underdeveloped and disengaged staff can do to a company's bottom line.   






Tough or Toxic - A Different View On Safety In The Workplace

At the top of the Federal OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Act) workplace poster very clearly displays these words: “The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Executive Order 12196 and 29 CFR 1960 require the heads of Federal agencies to furnish to employees places and conditions of employment that are free from job safety and health hazards.”  It continues to provide information on what to do if you have “Unsafe or Unhealthful Working Conditions.” 

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Greek Mythology Comes To The Office

When Pygmalion sculpted a statue of a woman out of ivory, he was so taken by the statue’s beauty that he fell in love with it. Venus granted Pygmalion’s wish and brought life to the statue. Pygmalion and the woman (Galatea) married and lived happily ever after. As if by magic, everything Pygmalion desired of a woman came to him when Venus brought the statue to life. Enter Pygmalion in the workplace.

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